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Conductive Education

Conductive Education

Conductive Education combines in one holistic system the education and rehabilitation of persons with neurological impairment, i.e. cerebral palsy in children,  Parkinson’s and stroke in adults. It originated through the work of Prof. Andras Peto, in 1945, in Budapest, Hungary. Adopting this system, the person with neurological impairment is not seen as first and foremost a handicapped individual with different disabilities but as a whole person, requiring guidance to learn actively to control as far as possible his or her own body, in order to function in ordinary daily activities. The remarkable achievements of both children and adults amongst its clients at the Peto Institute have aroused international interest in the system.

For more information of the system, please refer to the following websites: www.sahk1963.org.hk or http://www.Peto.hu/en/.

http://www.sahk1963.org.hk http://www.Peto.hu/en/
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