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Life Stories

Life Story 8

  1. Recommended by:  東莞市殘疾人康復中心
  2. Donated item       :  Special chair, ladder back chair and financial support for living expenses for one year
  3. Amount involved  :  RMB13,637.50
  4. Date of support    :  Jul 2019 to Aug 2020

Juan Juan, from Guangzhou廣州花都大華村虎嶺莊, is a child with Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy. She was born in 2012 and was taken care of by her grandmother as parents are divorced. Grandfather could not work due to mental illness. Old couples also have a 12 year old son of their own. Juan Juan family is residence of Sichuan and therefore could not benefit from welfare of Guangzhou. This family of four lives in a rental premise of very poor condition. Grandmother earns a living by doing some simple handicraft at home making just RMB30 per day while taking care of Juan Juan and her son. Juan Juan has never received proper rehabilitation training.

With severely poor nutrition, she looked like a 3 or 4 years old child at the age of 8. Director of Cerecare Foundation visited Juan Juan and her family and decided to donate a special chair to help Juan Juan to learn how to eat in a relatively proper position. We also donated a ladder back chair so that Juan Juan could have a chance to learn how to stand with assistance. To minimize grandmother’s burden, Cerecare Foundation also support the family financially so that grandmother could spend more time to train Juan Juan instead of doing handicraft to make ends meet. A rehabilitation therapist of東莞市殘疾人康復中心 volunteered to give guidance to grandmother in training Juan Juan.

The rental premise of very poor condition.                                                                          

First visit paid by the Director of Cerecare Foundation.  Juan Juan was lying on a scavenged baby chair.  On the left was the handicraft made by grandmother.

Juan Juan sitting on the special chair donated by Cerecare Foundation so that she could learn how to eat in a good sitting posture.  Director of Foundation showed grandmother how to assist Juan Juan to eat.

Grandmother was training Juan Juan how to feed herselfclick here to view.


Juan Jaun was learning how to use the ladder back chair donatedclick here to view.


Juan Juan was learning how to do toileting with ladder back chair, click here to view.

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