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Life Stories

Life Story 7

  1. Recommended by:  浙江省康復醫療中心
  2. Donated item       :  Rehabilitation fee for 7 months
  3. Amount involved :  RMB5,000
  4. Date of support    :  Dec 2018 to Jul 2019

Bei Bei, from Zhejiang (浙江省浦江縣), was a premature baby suffering from cerebral palsy. Her parents had separated since she was very young and she is being taken care of by her grandparents.  Before age of 6, grandmother took her to 浙江省康復醫療中心 to receive free rehabilitation given by the government. At age 7, she had to go back to hometown to continue her study. Since the school does not provide rehabilitation, she developed hip dislocation and limbs were deformed at age 10. Director of Cerecare Foundation assessed Bei Bei in 2018 and referred her to a Hong Kong non-profit organization for hip operation without charge. In order to maximize the benefit of the operation, intensive post-operative treatment and rehabilitation is necessary. Cerecare Foundation donated partial rehabilitation fees to let Bei Bei continued to receive rehabilitation at the 浙江省康復醫療中心 for 7 months. She then continued training at home. She can now manage self-care independently and go up and down the stairs on her own. School teacher tutored Bei Bei in using internet and she dreamed to have her own internet workshop in the future.

Before operation, Grandmother had to carry Bei Bei when going out and using stairs.

It was difficult for Bei Bei to walk even with the walking frame due to deformity of lower limbs.

Home visit of teacher from 浙江康復醫療中心 to guide Bei Bei to learn using the internet.

Director of Cerecare Foundation paid a visit to Bei Bei after her operation to have a better understanding of her progress.

Video: Director visited Bei Bei at home, she move around using a walking aid, click here to view.

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