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Life Stories

Life Story 6

  1. Recommended by:  浙江省康復醫療中心
  2. Donated item       :  Rehabilitation fee for nine months and remodeling of bathroom at home
  3. Amount involved :  RMB20,300
  4. Date of support    :  Jan to Sep 2016 and Jun 2018

Fen Fen, from Hangzhou (杭州市富陽區場口鎮), was abandoned in hospital after birth. She was found to have cerebral palsy by her adoptive father at the age of 8 months. As a single parent, adoptive father has to take care of his old mom and a younger brother who has mild intellectual disability. Even so, he still love Fen Fen and accompanied her to在浙江省康復醫療中心 to receive Conductive Education training.  At the age of eight, Fen Fen still could not walk or take care of herself. She even developed hip dislocation problem. Cerecare Foundation decided to sponsor Fen Fen to 上海致康兒童康健院 to receive training for 9 months to help prepare her to receive hip operation in Hong Kong. Operation was successful and she was brought to Shanghai for another year of rehabilitation before going back to home town for schooling. Director of the Foundation visited Fen Fen at home for many times and found the home environment was very poor and not suitable for her upgrowing. There was no bathroom in the house, Fen Fen had to do toileting and taking bath in the living room. Considering Fen Fen will become an adolescent soon, Cerecare Foundation decided to give financial support to the family for the building of a bathroom so that she could learn to be independent in using the toilet and taking a bath. Besides, remodeling of her bedroom was also granted for more privacy and independence.

Fen Fen is now able to take care of herself in most daily activities. She also excels in her school works.

There was no bathroom.  That bottle worked as shower for Fen Fen during summer.

Fen Fen now has her own bedroom.  Handrails were installed to facilitate her moving around in the room.

Fen Fen is independent in her grooming in the newly build bathroom.

Fen Fen does her homework in her own room.

Fen Fen studies in school. Director of Cerecare Foundation visited Fen Fen in school.

Video: Fen Fen told her story, click here to review

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