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Life Stories

Life Story 5

  1. Recommended by:  Silver Lining Guangxi (廣西雲彩社會工作服務中心)
  2. Donated item       :  Standing frame and special chair
  3. Amount involved :  RMB2,550
  4. Date of support    :  Jan 18, 2018

Lin Lin, from a village of Guang Xi (廣西東興市馬路鎮大旺村),  is a child with cerebral palsy having severe dystonia. Her speech and limbs movements are highly affected yet she has normal intelligence matching children of similar age. Family is very enthusiastic and positive in taking care and helping Lin Lin. However, family source of income is very limited, depending on farming. At the age of six, mother accompanied Lin Lin to Silver Lining for one year of free Conductive Education rehabilitation training. Mother had to return home to take care of Lin Lin’s younger sister after a full year of training. Due to severe disabilities, child needs special furniture so that mother could continue training at home.  Cerecare therefore donated a standing frame and a special chair to assist child to stand and sit so that she could learn how to eat and use her hands in a proper position.     

Mother and Lin Lin.  Lin Lin could not sit nor stand due to poor trunk stability, incoordination of limbs.  She also has poor oral muscles.

Lin Lin sitting on a special chair that allows her to have better limbs control.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Lin Lin is able to acquire a better standing posture while on a standing frame.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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